How It Works!

People always ask us "How does this all work?"  Here is a quick rundown of how a typical wedding goes; from your initial consultation, where we try out different styles and looks, to you looking absolutely stunning on your wedding day.

The Makeup Mafia Process

  1. Bride contacts Makeup Mafia via email, text or phone and checks our availability.
  2. We set up your consultation appointment.
    • Consultations typically run 2-4 hours. "We don't stop until the bride is 100% happy"
    • We start soft and build up, changing styles as we go.
    • Before and after photos of all the looks will be taken, then emailed to the bride when we're finished.
    • Contracts will be signed by both parties.
    • Once we receive all of the wedding information (location, services wanted, names and finish time) Makeup Mafia will send the bride a PDF of the contract/schedule.
    • Once the details are all correct and signed we are all set to go!
  3. Makeup Mafia contacts (call/email) the bride the day before the wedding to confirm all the details.
  4. On the day of the wedding, Makeup Mafia will arrive 1/2 hour early to the wedding site to set up and be ready for the first appointment.
  5. Balance due one week prior to wedding day unless otherwise determined.

Download our contract

Makeup Mafia Contract

Makeup Mafia Contract